Windows Mobile 7 With No Multitouch… Can’t be

Omer Saleem

The details emerging on the Internet about the upcoming (so far rumored) Windows Mobile 7 are sketchy but may or may not hold the entire truth about it. For now what we know so far is that the latest edition to be in Windows Mobile Family will not have any multitouch capabilities. So does that mean Windows Mobile will be like three legged horse which is there to race but cannot compete. I think that is a controlled leak done by Microsoft themselves so that people would not expect much out of it and then "wolla!" Windows Mobile 7 hits the jackpot.

Another "leak" which is out is that WM7 will not have multi-tasking capabilities. Now give me a break. I think Windows Mobile was the first smart phone OS to provide multi-tasking, although heavy on the installed RAM but it was there. I remember installing a third party app for closing the already running programs or using Windows Mobile task manager to close the running programs. If WM7 does not have any multi-tasking then who is it competing, iPhone... nay, it can't be!!

Lastly, that the browser will be based on Internet Explorer 7 but with some coding from Internet Explorer 8 for making it more secure. Honestly, I don't bother, as long as I can install a third party browser in it.

So for now, the details are out but they are non-believable and we would not know the truth until it is unveiled in the Mobile World Conference (that too is not certain for now).

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