Windows 11 Brings New Improvements for Auto HDR Through Xbox Game Bar App


The Auto HDR feature was one of the solutions that Microsoft implemented to correct its troubled history with HDR. This feature uses machine learning to evaluate the color palette of any game you are playing and then boosts those colors using an internal API-level filter to simulate a native implementation of HDR within the game's graphics settings even if the games didn't have HDR support.

Now, an update for Windows 11 allows for new improvements for this feature through the Xbox Game Bar. First, players are able to adjust the Auto HDR intensity through a slider. The Auto HDR intensity slider lets you control how vivid and bright the colors in games look. In games with extremely bright or dim colors, you can adjust the slider to your liking so you can get the best Auto HDR experience.

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To access this feature, all users have to do is access the Xbox Game Bar and find the Auto HDR slider feature within the settings of the app.

As you can see above users can also turn Auto HDR on and off through the Xbox Game Bar. Before, this was only available on the Windows 11 settings. Now, it's easier to access in the middle of a game through the Game Bar. To access these new Xbox Game Bar features, you need to have a version of Xbox Game Bar that is newer than 5.721.

While these features are currently available for all existing Windows 11 users, there are some more benefits that are available for Insiders. First off, we have the capability of multi-GPU support for HDR. This should enable you to use Auto HDR in more games running on systems using NVIDIAs SLI or AMD Crossfire technology.

Finally, Windows Insiders can also now adjust the notifications of the Auto HDR settings. If players find the notifications too intrusive (and why wouldn't they?), they can turn off these notifications in the settings. This feature is currently available in the latest Windows Insider Program build in the Dev and Beta channels.