Annoyed at Windows 10 Timeline Not Working with Chrome or Firefox? Not Anymore!

Windows 10 timeline

Windows 10 Timeline is potentially one of the most useful features we have seen coming to the Windows world in a long time. With "Sets" being hopefully introduced with one of the 2019 Windows 10 releases, the operating system will be able to offer a more convenient and focused approach to productivity.

But until that happens, we still have Timeline with us. Timeline enables you to move in a project's timeline across different machines. "Today people work and play across multiple applications, platforms and devices and we want to make this easier and more seamless for our customers, so they can focus on what’s important – creating and getting things done," Microsoft had explained last year.

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It also focuses on Windows 10's version of Continuity, giving you the ability to pick up work where you left off between multiple devices. It now appears that you can extend the functionality of Windows 10 to major browsers like Chrome and Firefox using a new extension.

Windows 10 Timeline extension enables you to share browsing history across your devices

Timeline has largely remained limited to native apps like Microsoft Edge and Office. However, the free Windows Timeline Support extension is here to change that. This third-party extension allows you to integrate browsing history on Windows 10.

"Windows Timeline Support is a web extension that integrates Windows Timeline support into popular browsers," developer Domonic Maas writes. "This is done by publishing your browsing history as activities to the Microsoft Graph (so a Microsoft Account is required to use this extension). Personal Microsoft Accounts are confirmed to work, work and school accounts should work."

As you can notice, you will need to give access to your browsing history to this extension for it to work. Since the extension is open source, you can check its source code for any troubling signs. Right now, it appears Windows Timeline Support is bringing a much-needed feature to top browsers, making it easy for Windows users to switch between devices without having to look into shared history. Here's its feature list:

  • Sync your browsing history to Windows Timeline, access it at a later date or on another device with the same Microsoft Account.
  • Adjust how many seconds you have to be on a page before it's stored in Windows Timeline (by default, 8 seconds).
  • Continue browsing on another device quickly by 'pushing' your current active tab to other devices sharing the same Microsoft Account.

The developer warns that the extension is in beta, as he is working on a feature that would enable users to exclude certain URLs - like login URLs - from the shared history. You can report any problems to the developer (@dominicjmaas). Windows Timeline Support is available for Chrome here and for Firefox through this link. Make sure you are running the latest Windows 10 version 1803 for this extension to work.

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