Time to Act Fast If You Don’t Want to Miss Being Part of Skip Ahead to Test “2019 Windows 10”


As reported earlier this month, Microsoft had reset its Skip Ahead membership as the development of the upcoming Windows 10 version - codenamed Redstone 5 - is nearly at the finish line. The company had promised that it will soon open up the program again that enables Windows enthusiasts to get to test features before they can make it to even the Fast Ring Insiders. While this usually means you need a machine that isn't your daily driver, you also get to play with features that often take years before they are released to the public - at times, they end up getting shelved too.

With Microsoft resetting Skip Ahead, the company is ensuring that more Windows users can experience the fast-paced testing that comes with being part of this program. Since it was open for such a small window last time, not many could sign up for Skip Ahead.

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Windows 10 Skip Ahead is now open

In a tweet, the company has now confirmed opening Skip Ahead membership. Similar to the last time, it is only accepting "a limited number of Insiders" to move up to Skip Ahead and once that limit has been reached, Skip Ahead will be closed. If you don't want to miss that, you can choose Skip Ahead from Settings > Windows Insider Program.

Not sure what the fuss is all about? The following image helps explain Skip Ahead, which is essentially a part of the Fast Ring that gets to test very early builds of Windows 10.

It is expected that the new Skip Ahead Insiders would soon start testing the 2019 edition of Windows 10, codenamed 19H1 since Microsoft has said its goodbyes to Redstones... Did you manage to get into Skip Ahead or you aren't ready yet for the highly coveted bug-full jump? Don't forget to let us know.