Windows 10 Game Mode To Power Xbox One And Scorpio Games; Might Be Restricted To UWP Titles


Last week, have reported that a Windows 10 Game Mode had been discovered in build 14997, a mode that promises to bring considerable improvements for gaming. Little else is known about the matter, but some very interesting new details have emerged online today.

According to a report by Windows Central, the Windows 10 Game Mode isn't just going to improve the gaming experience on Microsoft's OS, but also on Xbox One and the upcoming Scorpio.

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Game Mode, it appears, is a feature that streamlines variations between Xbox consoles and PCs, making sure as many Windows 10 systems as possible can run games to the standards set by the Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Microsoft describes those "target" standards as 900p to 1080p resolution for Xbox One and 4K resolution with 60 frames per second for Project Scorpio, and we've received evidence to suggest that the Xbox One already utilizes Game Mode to achieve its targets.

Apparently, Game Mode was introduced in Xbox One dev kits last summer, and its implementation helped developers considerably in hitting the Xbox One target resolution of several games, including Battlefield 1, which runs at a higher resolution than last year's Star Wars Battlefront, powered by the same engine.

Unfortunately, it seems like only Universal Windows Platform games will be able to take full advantage of the Windows 10 Game Mode, as games developed for Xbox One, Scorpio and Windows 10 need to be Game Mode enabled Universal Windows Apps. This also means that Game Mode enabled games can be released for Project Scorpio with minimal code changes.

This means that developers using Game Mode enabled UWP today to build games for Xbox One at 900-1080p and up to 4K for Windows 10 PCs are ready to deploy those games for Project Scorpio, with over 95% of the existing project code intact. This could explain why we're already seeing major players jump on the UWA-train, with Resident Evil 7 set for a Windows 10 Store debut on January 24th, 2017. If it is a Game Mode enabled UWA, Resident Evil 7 is ready for true 4K on Project Scorpio as a result, unpacking its 4K PC textures and settings when it installs on the console.

As Microsoft has yet to talk about the Windows 10 Game Mode, we cannot know for sure if today's report is 100% accurate, but things are definitely looking interesting. Once Project Scorpio gets some additional details, we will also definitely learn more about the enhancements Game Mode can bring to Xbox One games.