Did Microsoft Just Confirm Windows 10 Creators Update RTM Build Number?

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Microsoft is expected to release Windows 10's next version to the public later in April. With the public release almost here, the company has been working fast to fix any remaining bugs and test the Windows 10 Creators Update internally and with Windows Insiders. Earlier this week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Creators Update version 15063 to the Fast ring, which was later made available to the Slow ring after just 3 days. Turns out, this could very well be the Windows 10 Creators Update RTM build - the same build which will be rolled out to the public next month.

Windows 10 Creators Update RTM build number - 15063 or not?

Similar to last year's Anniversary Update, the Redmond software maker will issue a phased rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update. This means that not everyone will get their hands on the upcoming Windows 10 version on the first day - or month for that matter, if history is going to repeat itself.

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However, similar to last year, the company will release Windows 10 Update Assistant modified for the Creators Update, which will help those who want to get the new version asap, download it ahead of others. It should be noted that most of the Windows 10 releases are often plagued with bugs and compatibility problems, which is why not many complain about the rollout delays.

A new version of this Update Assistant was leaked yesterday by a well-known Microsoft serial-leaker (if that could be a job title?), which shows the following greeting message:

“One of the best features of Windows 10 is that it keeps getting better with every update. This PC is currently not running the latest and most secure version of Windows 10. This PC is running version 14393. The latest version is 15063.”

Note that Microsoft is mentioning version 15063 here, which is making many believe that Windows 10 Creators Update RTM build number could be 15063. However, since Update Assistant isn't live, Microsoft could easily be pulling the latest version of Windows 10 Preview build from the Insider program, which means it could be changed later on. For now, considering we haven't seen any releases after 15063 in the entire week, it looks fairly plausible that 15063 is indeed the Windows 10 Creators Update RTM build.

For those, who missed the last release, here is the changelog of fixes and bugs that the Windows 10 Creators Update (allegedly) RTM build brought to Insiders:

Other changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • We fixed a reliability issue from Build 15061 resulting in Microsoft Edge hanging and becoming completely unresponsive.
  • We fixed an issue for Insiders where the localized files and registry keys associated with any additional language packs on the system would not be installed after enabling .NET Framework 3.5.

Other changes, improvements, and fixes for Mobile

  • We fixed the bug causing a number of inbox apps to fail to launch (such as Store) and also preventing any app updates from the Store from working. Thank you all for sending us feedback around this.
  • We fixed the bug causing background tasks to not run in the background like they should such as OneDrive’s camera roll sync feature. Background tasks should be working again as expected and your camera roll will sync to OneDrive again.
  • We fixed the issue where in some cases you may lose your call, text, and email history may be lost if your device experiences an unexpected reboot.
  • Speech Packs should download and install normally.
  • We fixed an issue for Insiders with certain cars resulting in connection failures after pairing Bluetooth.
  • We fixed an issue where replacing the default APN for LTE on the phone wouldn’t work.

For known issues and more details, please visit the official announcement page.

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