Windows 10 Adoption Continues to Soar Among Gamers, According to Steam Survey


The newest Steam Hardware Survey shows some very interesting results regarding the uptake of Windows 10 by gamers. It's becoming quite the popular OS thus far.

Windows 10 sees a huge increase in adoption over July in Steam.

Looking at the stats from the Steam Survey we can see that Windows 10 has a total of over 17% of the surveyed hardware. Among that the 64 bit version has had a massive increase over the past month. A 13.17% increase is quite significant for an OS that's only officially been out for a little over a month now.

In terms of gaming and compatibility, there are very few if any issues getting games to launch and play under Windows 10. Some older games may need to be run in compatibility mode in order for them to properly load, however there are very few issues. Even GOG is committed to

The Steam Hardware Survey is actually a fairly good representation of the success of Windows 10 adoption because as a survey it has a very large sample base of over 9 million concurrent users that share their data. The default, if you're not paying attention, is to provide Steam with your information.

Windows 10, then, is being adopted rather quickly, especially among gamers. Despite the privacy concerns and other small issues that have cropped up in small samples, it would seem that it's enjoyed a very healthy adoption rate. Windows 10's market share has increased very quickly, even surpassing the rate at which Windows 7 was installed.

There are several reasons why gamers might be upgrading so quickly. Windows 10 being a free upgrade might be the most obvious, but it also offers a visual update that's far more acceptable to more people.  And of course as the benefits of DirectX 12 continue to become more apparent, that adoption rate might just increase among the gaming community.