Windows 10 1903 May Have Been a Game Changer But Users Remain Cautious

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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 version 1903 introduced the long awaited changes to the update system. The new update offers users to "officially" delay any new update for up to 35 days. It also removed the surprise factor by introducing a new "Download and install now" button that saves users from accidentally installing new versions when they simply intend to "check for updates." Despite these and several other features, including Windows Sandbox, it appears users remain wary of the new update.

New stats from AdDuplex reveal that only 6.3 percent of Windows 10 machines have been upgraded to the latest version, which puts it "on par with the pace of 1809 one month after its re-release." This isn't a good sign since version 1809 was one of the slowest moving Windows 10 versions and the May 2019 Update seems to be following the same pace.

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To see how bad this is, consider Windows 10 April 2018 Update's numbers: over a whopping 50 percent of all Windows 10 machines were running on version 1803 only a month after its release.

Windows 10 1903's slow adoption rate could also be due to Microsoft's AI-based release strategy

A few things may have resulted in these lackluster numbers despite a lack of any major issues with the latest update. First, version 1903 has followed the October 2018 Update (version 1809), which was the worst update delivered to the operating system since its release in 2015. Microsoft had to pull it back to fix it and even after its re-release, we kept seeing data and compatibility issues. Version 1809 managed to hit only over 30% of all devices before the next release went public, even though the next release was itself quite delayed.

After that fiasco, Microsoft promised to look into its testing process to make sure publicly released updates don't bring in any massive issues. The Windows maker promised to introduce new controls, bake the update for longer in the Insider testing process, and adopt a slower rollout strategy. In this strategy, the company will only make the latest update available to machines for which it's 100% confident that there won't be any problems.

In the past, many of the Windows 10 enthusiasts also chose not to wait for the official upgrade notification and go with the manual download and installation process. However, things have been different since the release of version 1809 because now users know the excitement of a new update isn't always worth losing data. To its credit, Microsoft did deliver an update that didn't bring any damning issues. However, it will probably take some time before users are confident in the update system again to trust the new versions.

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