WhatsApp Is Bringing Password-Protected Encrypted iCloud Backups


WhatsApp has received a major backlash with its new privacy policy from around the world. This gave apps like Telegram and Signal the push that they needed. However, WhatsApp is not shy when it comes to introducing new features to the mix. With that said, the company is still working on bringing password-protected encrypted iCloud backup to the platform. This will allow the IM app to further secure the chats.

WhatsApp is Working to Bring Encrypted iCloud Backups For Enhanced Privacy and Security of Chats and Data

WhatsApp already supports end-to-end encryption when it comes to exchanging messages and pictures. However, the chat backup is not secure on both Google Drive or iCloud on iPhone and Android. This potentially opens up a loophole for hackers to take advantage of. Unauthorized users can still access chat backups through user's Gmail or iCloud accounts. Now, the internet messaging giant has taken note of the potential threat and working to bring password-protected encrypted iCloud backup to the platform.

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As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is working on corrective measures to bring an end-to-end encrypted iCloud backup on iPhone. Users will have to password-protect their backups for the encryption to work. What this means is that without the password, users will not be able to restore their chat history and media on their devices. The platform will also allow users to reset their passwords for backed-up chat data. As of now, WhatsApp can backup chats and media without a password.

According to @WABetaInfo, the new encrypted iCloud backup feature will roll out in the future builds of the app. Furthermore, how the feature will work on iOS is not clear at this point and solid details are scarce at the moment. Nonetheless, we will share more details on the scene as soon as we have more information,

WhatsApp has to proceed with caution given the amount of criticism it received for a privacy policy earlier this year. The privacy policy leads users to believe that the popular messaging platform will share chat data with Facebook. Since then, the company has shared numerous clarification statements regarding the scenario and delayed the rollout of the privacy update. WhatsApp is making sure users are totally aware of the nature of the privacy policy and in its attempts, the company will show in-app banners. If you're unaware, here's what will happen to your account if you do not accept WhatsApp's privacy policy.

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