Here’s What Will Happen to Your WhatsApp Account if You Do Not Accept its Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Account Delete

Privacy and security are some of the most important concerns for users and developers need to pursue with care when adding new features to the mix. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used internet messaging apps on the market right now and the platform has received heavy criticism regarding a recent privacy update. That's right, WhatsApp released its new privacy policy which forced the company to delay it until May 15. Initially, WhatsApp was not really keen to share details on what will happen if users did not agree to the new privacy policy. According to the latest, WhatsApp will gradually delete a user's account if they do not agree to the privacy policy.

WhatsApp To Delete Your Account Permanently If You Don't Accept Its Upcoming Privacy Policy?

WhatsApp also recently announced that it will place in-app banners to users in order to allow them to better understand the upcoming privacy policies. As mentioned earlier, it was not previously clear what the internet messaging giant would do if users did not accept or agree to the changes. Now, a new email has been obtained by TechCrunch which reveals that WhatsApp will gradually delete a user's account if they do not comply with the changes,

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The emails detail that WhatsApp will "slowly ask" users for the privacy policy so they retain the full functionality of the app. If they still do not accept the changes after May 15, WhatsApp will limit users to receive only phone calls and notifications "for a short time". What this means is that users will not be allowed to send messages or make phone calls. These accounts are referred to as inactive by the company. Moreover, these accounts are deleted by WhatsApp in 120 days.

After May 15, if you do not accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy, your account will be limited to only receiving phone calls and notifications. After 120 days of resting in this state, your account will be deleted by the company. WhatsApp is making sure to educate users regarding the new privacy policy, It also initiated a new Status update for users in order to detail how it will go ahead with the changes, Despite heavy criticism, the company is set to release the changes. However, there has been a delay of three months after the backlash.

What are your thoughts on WhatsApp's upcoming changes and would you agree to them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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