WhatsApp for iOS is Currently Testing Support for Better Image Quality Upload

WhatsApp for iOS is Currently Testing Support for Better Image Quality Upload

According to the latest tip, photos you are sending to your contacts on WhatsApp could be seen getting better quality. This information is coming from the latest WhatsApp beta release for iOS, and as it stands, if you send pictures with the app, they lose quality, which we always have been aware of. However, this could change with the latest beta.

WhatsApp for iOS Will Soon Let You Send Images Without Aggressively Compressing Everything.

WABetaInfo spotted this change in the Whatsapp beta version for iOS, and it seems to be testing support for higher media upload quality. For anyone who is running this version on TestFlight, you could go to "WhatsApp Settings, "Storage and Data" to find the latest "Media Upload Quality" tab. You will be treated with one of these three options.

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  • Auto (recommended)
  • Best quality
  • Data saver

If you go for the best quality option, the media files will become larger and will take longer to send as per WhatsApp. However, if you do not have access to many internets available at the moment, you can use the "Data saver" option for lower resolution photos.

Even though the best quality option will still go ahead and comrpess the pictures, it will not be as aggressive. Here is what WABetaInfo says.

When you select “best quality,” it does not mean that you are sending photos with the original quality, but the algorithm used to compress photos will be lighter, keeping about 80% of the original quality. If the image frame is bigger than 2048 × 2048, it might be resized. Previous quality values were very different.

Once this feature is available for everyone, people will send images without the aggressive compression that WhatsApp is known for. This feature is already available on Android if you want to go ahead and try it, but this making its way to iOS will only make the overall experience a lot better.

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