WhatsApp Adds GIF Search and Expands Media Sharing Limit to 30 Items


In the latest update, WhatsApp is bringing significant changes by introducing GIF search feature and increasing media sharing limit from 10 item to 30 items. These changes are a part of WhatsApp 2.17.6 beta for Android, which now lets users search for a GIF on WhatsApp via Giphy - a feature that is available to iOS users since November 2016.

Earlier, Android users were able to share GIFs that are stored on their device but now they can search for any GIF via WhatsApp's in-app GIF search functionality. To use the GIF search, you have to tap on the emoji icon next to the text bar, and then you will find GIF option at the bottom of the window.

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In addition to the GIF search feature, WhatsApp has also increased the media sharing limit from 10 items to 30 items. A sigh of relief for the ones who share images extensively as they had to open the media sharing window for sending images that were not shared in the first batch due to the ten items restriction.

The GIF search feature on WhatsApp is similar to the one on Facebook Messenger, which means that you just have to type the name of the GIF that you want to share, and it will show up in the results. For example, if you want to send a GIF related to Star Wars movie then you just have to type "Star Wars" in the GIF search bar and it will show all the GIFs under Star Wars tag.

The update is still in its beta form, and there is no statement from WhatsApp yet about the official rollout. If the beta version keeps running smoothly, then we can see a global rollout soon. Also, we would like to point out that the features that we mentioned above might be limited to users in certain locations. Various reports suggest that not all the users who are running the latest version of WhatsApp have access to new features.

For the ones who don't want to wait for the official rollout of the update, you can download the beta version 2.17.6 of the update from Play Store. You will be asked to register for the beta tester program to successfully install the beta version.

After downloading the beta version, you might still have to wait for the new features to show up. Being a gradual rollout, it may take some time to hit your device.