WhatsApp for iOS Now Lets You Send Live Photos & Short Videos as GIFs

Uzair Ghani

WhatsApp for iOS just received a hefty update, allowing users to send and receive GIFs. But that's not all, you can send Live Photos as GIFs as well.

WhatsApp Joins the GIF Party with Tons of Options for Sending & Receiving GIFs

It's very hard to spot anyone these days who is not using GIFs. If you haven't joined the party, then you'll be pleased to learn you can take a start from WhatsApp for iOS. The app has been recently updated to support sending and receiving GIFs. But there's a huge plot twist: you can even send Live Photos as GIFs, as well as short video clips.

Here's the complete changelog of the update directly from App Store:

• You can now send and receive animated GIFs
• For videos that are 6 seconds or shorter, you can now send them as animated GIFs. Just tap the GIF toggle after picking a video.
• Send Live Photos as animated GIFs. Just 3D Touch any live photo from Attach — Photo/Video Library and choose "Select as GIF."


Apart from added support for GIFs, sending one to the other person is easy as well. For example, if you have a video that is shorter than 6 seconds, you can turn it into a GIF by simply tapping on the GIF toggle once you have picked the video. Furthermore, if you have a Live Photo and wish the send the 'Live' part as a GIF, then you can do that as well. Select the photo from the attachment page by deep pressing (3D Touch) on it and then choose 'Select as GIF.' Regular GIFs can be sent as a normal photo. Simply select the image from your Camera Roll and you're good to go.

How to Download Updated WhatsApp Version

If you have automatic updates enabled on your device, changes are high you are already running the latest version of WhatsApp with GIF support. If not, then simply tap on the link below to initiate the update process manually:

If you haven't tried WhatsApp already, then we highly recommend giving it a shot as it is a brilliant way to connect with friends and family members for free. Of course, you will need a data connection in order for it to work and standard data charges apply. But if you have a truly unlimited data plan or WiFi, then you are absolutely golden.

Let us know what you think about today's WhatsApp update in the comments section.

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