WhatsApp Could Soon Transcribe Voice Messages for You

WhatsApp Could Soon Transcribe Voice Messages for You

The voice notes on WhatsApp is one of the best features as it is great for anyone who does not want to type and trust; not everyone is in the mind of typing messages all the time. Sure, the voice messages can be annoying for receivers because they are not as discrete, especially when sitting in a crowd or in public. However, to make these voice notes more convenient, WhatsApp is apparently working on new features that would transcribe the voice notes.

Voice Note Transcribing Feature Could be Limited to the iOS Version of WhatsApp

According to the latest tip from WABetaInfo, the in-development voice note transcription feature, WhatsApp users will be able to transcribe voice messages sent by other users on the go using speech recognition technology. The feature will be optional and will require special permissions as well. However, at the moment, it seems that this feature might be limited to Apple.

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“WhatsApp” Would Like to Access Speech Recognition

Once you grant the permission, you’ll be taken to a new “Transcription” section to try out the service.

Speech data from this app will be sent to Apple to process your requests. This will also help Apple improve its speech recognition technology.

WhatsApp Could Soon Transcribe Voice Messages for You

The source also informs us that the transcriptions will be saved locally on the user's device rather than Whatsapp or Facebook servers, which is always a good thing.

The feature is currently in development for the iOS version of WhatsApp, and users should be able to try it out in the beta versions. At the moment, no evidence points towards a similar feature being developed for the Android version. However, it is unlikely of WhatsApp to leave Android out from such an important feature. We will keep you posted if there is more news on this feature heading to the Android version of WhatsApp as well.

Are you excited for WhatsApp to bring out the new voice note transcribing feature? Let us know.

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