What’s New in iOS 14 Beta 3 – Features and Changes


Apple just released iOS 14 beta 3 and iPadOS beta 3 to developers today. As expected, it has a number of user interface tweaks, icon changes, and performance improvements. Here is our look at everything new in iOS 14 beta 3.

New Features and Changes in iOS 14 Beta 3

When you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to the latest beta update, the first thing you might notice is that performance has been improved. The jitteriness from beta 2 is gone. App switching and widget modifications are smoother than before. It’s still not perfect yet, as it’s a beta, but Apple has definitely made some progress here.

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Here are the other noticeable changes that we have found so far:

  • Music icon has been updated to a red background, with a white music note. This is a throwback to the old music icon that used to be part of iOS 7. Let us know what you think about it.Apple Music Icon iOS 14 beta 3
  • Music widget also has the red background now.Apple Music red widget iOS 14
  • Music app has received some tweaks to its text and iconography. The text and buttons have mostly been changed to gray.Music App iOS 14 beta 3
  • A new dialogue window for ‘Refreshed Widgets’ shows when you access the Today section for the first time. It also mentions the now-popular ‘jiggle mode’. Similar pop-ups show when you access the App Library or Edit Home screen for the first time.

Jiggle Mode haha (iOS 14 Beta 3) from iOSBeta

  • Shazam Shortcut action shows a new animation now.
  • 3D Touch is temporarily unavailable, as per the release notes from Apple. Oddly, it has been working fine for me on iPhone X.
  • Apple Watch hand wash reminders are now location-based.
  • Issue with Apple Music forgetting the song that you were playing is fixed now. Finally.
  • Issue with ‘Other’ storage usage has been fixed now. I’ve gotten back almost 10GB from the ‘Other’ section.
  • The clock widget, which was shown during the iOS 14 announcement at WWDC, is finally available in beta 3. It has 3 sizes, two of which allow multiple cities. No digital clocks available though.Clock widget iOS 14
  • You can now drag and drop music to playlists in the sidebar in iPadOS music app.
  • Apple Music now lets you share songs to Snapchat stories.
  • Back Tap feature now works on iPhone 8 too.
  • You can now long press on apps in the App Library list view to open a menu which lets you add the app to your home screen or delete it.
  • You can now change Display Zoom on iPhone X. This option was previously available only on iPhones with larger displays.Display Zoom iPhone X iOS 14
  • Memoji masks style has changed.

Tip: If you don’t see your widgets working fine on iPad, restart and it should fix the issue.

We’ll update this post as we find any new features.