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Wccftech Weekly Review for the Sixth of December


This week Tiffany once again takes to the silver screen to go over and review the weeks main and most thought provoking articles.


Weekly Review for December the Sixth

There's always a lot that happens throughout the week, but we can't nearly list everything here. Instead Tiffany has gone over three of the most dazzling and eye-catching stories that passed by us over the past week. Rumors, an exclusive look at something rather complex and fascinating and controversy involving WaveWorks and it's performance impact in a triple A game are the topics that garnered our attention this week. So check them out below, or watch Tiffany briefly go over them in our Weekly Review.

New Rumor Puts AMD's Newest AM4 Motherboards Launching Around March

A new rumor regarding AMD’s next generation processor platform has emerged. Straight from Eteknix, there are reports that AMD’s AM4 platform which will be powering next generation CPUs and APUs from AMD will launch as early as March 2016 (Q1/Q2 2016). The report is based on a rumor from a Planet3DNow but can stir up some interesting speculation as to what we may expect from the upcoming AM4 platform launch.

Exclusive Look at Tesla's Auto Pilot and Deep Neural Network Technology

Tesla’s luxury electric cars have quickly become the darling of the automobile market. The hype is at an all time high – and for good measure too – since they are nothing less than a technological marvel. The nature of these cars is boldly different from most other production vehicles out there. Tesla’s Semi-Autonomous driving technology is just one example of the multitude of exciting features that are currently available only to a Tesla owner.

WaveWorks Comes to Just Cause 3, But How Does it Actually Perform?

It turns out that Avalanche Studios has chosen to implement NVIDIA WaveWorks. After all, Just Cause 2 was the first game to use CUDA Water and for Just Cause 3 they renewed the partnership with NVIDIA. According to NVIDIA, this solution is the most advanced ever seen in games.