We hear you: the changes made to the new Wccftech after your feedback


Since the initial teaser and the eventual public beta of the new Wccftech design, we have earnestly read the feedback you guys submitted through the comments and the feedback form. And we want to tell you that we are hearing what you have said.

This is precisely why we didn't just push the new design to everyone. Letting people opt-in to the public beta was our way to engage our readers. You guys make Wccftech what it is. We have never let this be forgotten in any of our inside conversations around the future of our website and the products in the pipeline. In fact, this was why we went for the redesign in itself: we want to let you engage with each other in more ways than the comments via the new profile system that's a core part of this new site.

I will write more about this in a future post. Let's get to what we have done since receiving your feedback.

1. Static header when scrolling the page

Many of you told us that the fixed header when scrolling down the page was consuming a fair part of the screen real estate. We heard you, it now auto-hides when you start to scroll down — like it does on our current website.

2. Very large blocks, too many of them

The featured area on mobile was made up of our largest-size tiles with full-width images which introduced a long scroll in the very first (and most important) section of the site. Many of you told us this wasn't sitting well with how you consume our content. It has now been replaced by another iteration of this area which solves the long scroll while making clear this is an important (featured) area of the site.


3. Comment count on home and topic pages

Comments (plus how they enable a friendly banter and hardware wars among yourselves :p) are why many of you visit Wccftech. In our previous design, we gave a comment counter with every article on our home and topic pages but this was missing on the new site. This was a regretful omission and has now been fixed.


That's not all, we are not done

Those and some other updates and bug fixes have been rolled out in the days since we announced the public beta. All of this wasn't possible without your continuously arriving feedback. So tell us more, we are hearing...