Wccftech is getting a facelift with dark mode, profiles, bookmarks, and more


The current design of Wccftech was rolled out in 2016. And while it was a giant leap from our previous look, it's been 6 years and the site had started to look a little dated.

We have been feeling the need for an updated design for a while now. But we didn't want to just push out a fancier version of the same thing. We wanted to make it more about you, our readers. So while we worked tirelessly on improving the reading experience and the presentation of our content, we based the new version on user-profiles and what users, i.e. you, can do with the site.

Let me walk you through the new design.

A Better Reading Experience

One of the core points for this redesign was to give you a better reading experience. The colors, the fonts, the line height, and the whitespace between elements have been carefully selected to render the content in a better way.

Story page from the new Wccftech facelift

Dark Mode

But we didn't stop there. We went ahead and prepared a dark version of the entire site which is seamless, instant, and respects the choices you have set at the device level. We have worked really hard in making all of this possible, both at the design and technology end and we can't wait for you to try this out.

The Dark Mode: Story page from the new Wccftech facelift

User Profiles and Bookmarks

We have long wanted to give our readers more than just a passive reading experience. That dream is now coming to life with user profiles. It is an (optional) layer that will give you added benefits like bookmarking posts but we plan to expand on that as time passes.

User profile screen from the new Wccftech facelift

Coming Soon, Really!

I hope you are as excited as I am about the new version. It is coming real soon. We will try to make this an opt-in feature to begin with and only roll out at large after we have ironed out the issues you guys face and report.