Wccftech Weekly Review – Holiday Cheer Edition


This weeks video is a bit shorter due to the Holiday Season kicking off in North American and the US specifically. But there's one thing that has been on everyone's mind this past week, especially since my 290X didn't want to play nice (that has since been replaced with a proper ASUS DCII that actually works).

So sit down and buckle up for a small yet satisfying serving of Wccftech Weekly Review.

Wccftech Weekly Review, the Holiday Edition

First of all, Happy Holidays to absolutely everyone, no matter what you celebrate. The idea of the holiday season is to be cheerful to everyone of all dispositions regardless of geographic location.

Secondly, Crimson, yeah, it's that good and it's a revolutionary step forward in software for AMD. Does it meet the expectations of absolutely everyone? Probably not. Is the underlying Radeon Software as stable as NVIDIA's base driver (GeForce Experience excluded for obvious reasons)? Probably not either. But it goes further and looks better. So we focus on that. Had NVIDIA released such a changed driver, we'd report more on that too, but they haven't.

AMD Crimson Driver is Surprisingly Swift

Crimson purports to be the biggest enhancement to AMD’s drivers since the revolutionary drivers for the Rage Fury Maxx from 1999. What we’ve seen from our article on the specifics of the new driver is that it’s a revolutionary visual upgrade, bringing the driver GUI into the modern age with an ease of use that belies the actual power and plethora of options for control that lie underneath.