Wccftech Plays – Rising Up in Red Faction: Guerrilla

Jeff Williams

Join us as we take a stab at the revival of a series with open-world elegance. We'll be playing through some of the first moments of Red Faction Guerrilla, showing you what this classic(ish) game is all about.
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Help us rise up against the tyranny on Mars in Red Faction: Guerrilla.

I wanted to bring an even more retro atmosphere today, but Omikron wasn't playing particularly nice, so instead we'll be moving up a decade to 2009. Red Faction Guerrilla brought back the Red Faction story yet evolved it suitably. The underlying narrative might have been lacking a bit of pizzazz, but the open-world nature and third-person action were suitably exciting.

Come join us as we seek to destroy the EDF and the hold they have on Mars. Can a small time mining engineer really bring forth the change that Mars needs? Lets find out in Red Faction: Guerrilla!

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