Wccftech Is 15 Years Old Today! [Marvel’s Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Slim Bundle Giveaway]


I generally do not pen posts myself, having rescinded almost all editorial control of the website to our talented, better equipped and trained team. But since it's our 15th birthday today, I thought I'd write a few words down, just to commemorate our humble beginnings.

Wccftech turns 15 today!

We started off in a very small space, geographically constrained by belonging to a country that continues to retain a semi-pariah status amongst nations. To say that we had it hard, would be an understatement. We did dream big, but from raising a multinational team, to maintaining payroll, to ensuring timely hardware and software delivery for reviews, to find sources to cover news and not just public relations material handed out by companies - it has taken some doing. We started off with a team of 3. Today we are close to about 40 strong, in 9 different countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East. All of that, without ever raising a single dime in VC money, thus being a 100% organically grown startup.

Wccftech has come a long way; from being an outlier amongst technology websites to being one of the most commented on tech websites on the web. We still make mistakes, but are always willing to learn and improve ourselves. We have only our community to thank for it.
Because as harsh as they are, they have almost always pushed us in the right direction (be it getting pissed at video ads, or to ensure that our tagging system differentiates between authenticated news and rumors). Most of our standard operating procedures at the backend have originated from demands made by our community here.

Wccftech, since day one, has not just been a publishing medium for us. Thanks to an excellent team and our absolutely loyal readership, it has taken shape of an evolving new media - one that is centered around its community. This is something we intend to further build upon. Here's to many more years!

In order to show our continued appreciation and support for our community here, I am announcing a giveaway. Just tell us about your favorite author through the usual Gleam form below and you'll have a chance to win a Marvel's Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Slim (1 TB) bundle. Do note that shipping will be available worldwide, though custom related prices will be paid by the winner.

Wccftech's 15th Anniversary Giveaway

In case you're not familiar with Marvel's Spider-Man, the critically acclaimed 'friendly neighborhood' superhero game developed by Insomniac, check out our full review by Kai.

Insomniac has found a way to weave together the human side of Peter Parker with the combat and web-slinging of Spider-Man to create a web of intrigue that any PlayStation 4-owning superhero fan should play.