Wccftech Double Down Deal – Innori Mobile VR Headset


VR is the future, not just for your PC, but for your phone too. If Google Cardboard or even Samsung's GearVR are anything to go by, then it's something that consumers actually quite enjoy. And now you can use it with just about any phone with a proper sized display, all you need is a headset like the Innori VR headseat. And this bad boy only costs a scant $33.99.


Use VR on any device with a 3.5"-5.7" display.

With the right content on your device, be it Android or iOS, you can enjoy some pretty convincing VR. The resolution won't beat out even the VR solutions available on the PC (or PS4), but that doesn't mean it's a terrible experience all around. Movies, other NSFW movies, games and much more can work just great. And at $33.99, it's practically a steal. It's an easy way to see what VR is first-hand without having to spend a wealth of money.

So head on over to the store and check it out. Here's what you'll get:

  • Adjustable straps maximize comfort & optimize viewing experience
  • High-quality lens technology keeps images pure & distortion-free
  • Viewing angles range up to 98-degrees in either direction
  • Adjustable features allow you to easily adjust distance & size of images
  • Compatible w/ all smartphones with 3.5"-5.7” displays