Wccftech Deals – SNES30, SNES Inspired Bluetooth Game Controller ($29.95)


What better way to celebrate the heyday of console gaming than by paying the proper homage to the controller that likely started it all for a lot of people. the NES controller was fantastic, but the SNES controller took gaming to a whole new level.

And now you can use one of the best replicas around for only $29.95 so that you can be fully inundated in retro gaming goodness.

Relive those magical sentimental console moments with a bona-fide 1:1 replica of an SNES controller.

What can this magical SNES inspired controller do for you? Quite a bit! This SNES replica is exactly that, but only it uses better quality plastics to stave off the inevitable greening that has likely happened to the original controller you remember. This has the look and feel of the original and it's compatible with nearly every game on iOS and Android, making it highly useful. Even better is that it can also be used on your PC and Mac, letting you play those side-scrolling adventures and RPG's like they were meant to be played. So head on over to our deal store and check it out!

  • Play all the latest games
  • Connect via Bluetooth or the included USB cable
  • Use w/ your PC, Mac, consoles & more
  • Play multiplayer games using the dual-keyboard code system for iOS
  • Play w/ up to four players on Wii w/ Wiimote emulation support
  • Carry it in your back pocket thanks to its slim, portable size
  • Game for up to 20 hours without taking a break to recharge the battery
  • Play touchscreen-only games w/ touchscreen simulation
  • Recharge the battery 1000+ times