Wccftech Deals – Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit

Jeff Williams

Robots and their many uses are inevitably in our future. Japan has shown how even customer service can be properly taken care of by those of the slightly more robotic ilk. To help prepare you for the eventual robotic uprising and our subsequent revolt against those robotic overlords, we're helping you understand just how robotics actually works with an Arduino powered robot kit for $79.99, 46% off the original price.


Learn about robotics and master Asimov's three laws with a great Arduino powered kit for only $79.99.

This small kit could just be the beginning of your journey to learn not only how to code, but also in building the finer points of robotic engineering. It's fun to build your first robot, and Arduino can help you to do so in the best way possible, because you can upgrade the entire thing all the while learning new and valuable skills.

No, you won't actually be creating an advanced AI that needs the limitations similar to those of Asimov's prolific three laws, but it could be a start along a great career path. Or the beginning of a very fun and interesting hobby. Next you might want to build your own R2-D2.


  • Learn electronics, robotics & Arduino w/ beginner-friendly instructions
  • Build a robot tank or a three-wheeled robot car
  • Construct a solid machine w/ aluminum extrusion structure
  • Easily wire w/ no soldering required
  • Study Arduino programming w/ included guides
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