Wccftech Deals – Cyber Security Professional Training & Certification Bundle ($39)

Jeff Williams

Have you been itching to get right into the wonder wide world of cyber security but haven't quite known what the first step could be? Perhaps you're just curious about just how dangerous the Internet can be? Well, we can help, with a cool 98% off of the regular price of $1,995. For $39 you'll get to explore real world hacking techniques being taught by some very excellent and well informed instructors from Social27.

But really this bundle is a good choice for any budding IT professional, to help you understand the intricacies of actual hacking, something that is almost necessary in order to be able to mitigate and stop the bad guys from doing nefarious things.

Cyber Security

Be smart about protecting your data and assets with our heavily discounted cyber security course bundle.

You'll be learning a lot of interesting and useful things with this bundle, with 13+ hours of training broken over 11 well designed courses. And even better, this bundle will help prepare you to take certification exams to be a true cyber security professional.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the Security Code Review Guideline & the challenges that arise
  • Study Threat Modeling to understand & rate the threats targeting your application
  • Explore Buffer Overflow (program overruns the bugger’s boundary & overwrites adjacent memory)
  • Learn Integer, Stack & Heap overflow via hand on labs
  • Recognize web-based vulnerabilities & mitigate them
  • Learn SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting & File Inclusion via hands-on labs
  • Understand Source Code Fuzzing w/ American Fuzzer Lab & Automated Analysis Techniques
  • Use automated techniques to find bugs in source code
  • Use scoping, fingerprinting & crawling w/ Burp Suite to gather info about targets
  • Bypass access control to get into web-based systems
  • Comprehend Cross-Site Request Forgery, an HTTP request sent on behalf of a victim’s browser
  • Mitigate Injection attempts that attack users through files
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