Wccftech Deals – Course Bundle, Learn How to Program and Code by Making Mobile Games


The best way to learn for a lot of people is by doing. Pick up something and play with it, either with instruction or not. And when you look back at what you just did, you might not have noticed that you actually also learned how to do something intensely difficult. Give it a chance, it's only $29.99 to start making your own games with 30 hours of great instruction.


Make a game in JavaScript, learn how to code at the same time!

Learn by doing in todays deal. ZENVA is offering up 30+ hours of quality instruction, guiding you along the way to make your very own mobile game. This process is designed to get you deep into the wonderful yet difficult world of coding and programming.

Programming is a valuable skill to have, but sometimes it might be a bit off-putting. So take the plunge and do it the fun way for only $29.99. They promise to teach you the enough of the basics to have a great foundation to build off of.

What you'll get:

  • Become a proficient JavaScript & HTML5 developer w/ 30 hours of video & 289 videos
  • Build valuable app & web development skills
  • Gain access to source code & game assets
  • Learn how to make money w/ ads & in-app purchases
  • Build knowledge on how to publish your games to iOS, Android & Amazon
  • Create 15 games from scratch
  • Understand the hybrid app development process
  • Use the Intel XDK to emulate & test remotely