Waze’s New Update Lets You Know The Traffic Jam Time


There are enumerable Map apps to guide you to your destination like the Google Maps or Waze plus they enable you to know the time before you reach your desired place. However, some applications do not consider the traffic jams that might consume a lot of time but luckily, Waze's recent update now enable users to know the possible time of of the traffic jam so you can either dodge it or wait until the congestion is fixed.

Waze notifies the drivers for how long will they be trapped in the traffic jam and since the results are estimations, the exact time might be subjective to the matter and may not be 100 percent precise. Nonetheless, estimates are all we need to change direction. Waze used a guided navigation feature which suggested users different and most possible routes to their destination. Hence, the update has made the application faster than before, specifically 85% more faster than before. This is quite a lot considering in a single update.

See Traffic Jam Time With Waze's 'Time In Traffic' Bar

The update is available on both platforms, iOS and Android which also includes other features that might come in handy. If you're worried about your account to be made redundant after the update then you're wrong. The update allows you to merge your older account to your new device from the registered phone number that you used previously to sign in. Hence, username, points and any other aspect will be transferred to you new device once you put your phone number.

Its not just the utility that counts when you ask for a well built app, Waze has alert services to notify you of your route and destination. You have to set an origin and a destination point to know the exact time lapse between it and Waze will do the rest. Amber alerts were also updated not so long ago and which contributed to the community context. The user interface of the application as as appealing as ever with a new 'Time In Traffic'.

Since Waze is a Google owned application, all android versions are set to download and the iOS roll out will be helpful for everyone. So if you're a driver and you have a smartphone, what are you waiting for? Head over to Google Play Store for android and App Store for iOS and grab your share. Do let us know, to how extent is Waze helpful?