Watch the Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend Launch Trailer Right Now

Brittany Vincent

If you've been aching for some classic Final Fantasy adventures as of late, there's a collection you'll definitely want to get your hands on. Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend is officially available on Nintendo Switch. You can check out the official launch trailer right now for a look at what to expect from the compilation, which brings together three classic games.

The SaGa franchise made its debut 30 years ago on the original Game Boy, with Final Fantasy Legend (not technically a Final Fantasy game, but meant to capitalize on its popularity.) The tradition continued with Final Fantasy legend II and Final Fantasy Legend III, all of which are included in this collection, which is a Nintendo Switch eShop exclusive and will run you $19.99.

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You get all three games in the series, augmented in major ways with speed boots, screen magnification, a retro display mode, new illustrations, a special anniversary song, the option to use both English and Japanese text, and a way to use onscreen touch controls with the screen oriented vertically. This is the first time the games have been available for Switch users, and it's an affordable package that should whet your whistle for some of the SaGa series' yesteryear.

If you want to grab the game after checking out the trailer above, it's finally out right now. While the SaGa series differs in many ways from traditional Final Fantasy, there's still a lot to love about it that you'll likely enjoy if you're a longtime JRPG fan in general.


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