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Watch The NVIDIA SIGGRAPH 2018 Livestream Here – CEO Jensen Huang Takes The Stage at 4 PM PT, 13th August


NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang will be hosting a special keynote at SIGGRAPH 2018 today. During the keynote, Jensen will be talking about breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, real-time rendering, along with some new product announcements that would be related to ray tracing, deep learning, and Quadro graphics products.

Watch NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, SIGGRAPH 2018 Special Keynote Live Here

The special event would be live-streamed on YouTube and other channels and would focus on CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote. Since it is mentioned as a special event, we can expect some surprises to be announced. You can view the live stream below:

NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 1630: An Entry-Level Graphics Card For The Sub-$150 US GPU Segment


Following is the official press release from NVIDIA themselves.


Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and real-time rendering are impacting the field of computer graphics in every industry, from media and entertainment to product design to healthcare. The entire design and creative process is being transformed, letting you evaluate and refine every nuance of your design, product, or character at the speed of your imagination.

Visit NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH to see how we’re driving new levels of realism in professional graphics with raytracing, deeplearning,  NVIDIA Quadro graphics.


Monday, 8/13 @ 4:00 pm PT

As you can see, the event is solely focused at graphics designers, developers, and content creators so you can expect to see announcements related to those fields and not generally towards gamers as there’s another event planned for them on 20th August at Gamescom 2018. This event may or may not introduce us to new graphics cards but if a launch was to take place, we’d expect it to be either a Quadro based or a Titan based product.

NVIDIA has previously announced and showcased their Titan and Quadro based graphics cards at previous SIGGRAPH events so we will most likely see a new one at this year’s event too. We can also expect to see new software technologies introduced by NVIDIA along with more details on their upcoming RTX technology and the new Adaptive Temporal Anti-Aliasing method which was just recently announced. We will keep you posted with all the developments during the SIGGRAPH 2018 event.

What do you think NVIDIA would announce during SIGGRAPH 2018?