NVIDIA RTX Technology for Games Announced; GameWorks SDK Integration and More

As per the VideoCardz leak we reported a few days ago, the new NVIDIA RTX technology was officially announced with much fanfare during GDC 2018, where several companies like Epic, 4A Games, Remedy Entertainment and Unity will demonstrate it.

NVIDIA also announced their plan to add a "ray-tracing denoiser module" to the existing GameWorks SDK so that game developers may properly take advantage of NVIDIA RTX. Furthermore, as per the previous report, NVIDIA "partnered closely" with Microsoft to enable full RTX support in Microsoft's new DirectX Raytracing (DXR) API.

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Kim Libreri, chief technology officer at Epic Games, said:

The availability of NVIDIA RTX opens the door to make real-time ray tracing a reality. By making such powerful technology available to the game development community with the support of the new DirectX Raytracing API, NVIDIA is the driving force behind the next generation of game and movie graphics.

Remedy Entertainment's technology team manager Mikko Orrenmaa stated:

Integrating NVIDIA RTX into our Northlight engine was a relatively straightforward exercise. We were surprised just how quickly we were able to prototype new lighting, reflection and ambient occlusion techniques, with significantly better visual fidelity than traditional rasterization techniques. We're really excited about what we can achieve in the future with the NVIDIA RTX technology; gamers are in for a something special.

Thankfully, NVIDIA also shared footage of the impressive tech demo Remedy Entertainment will be showcasing this week at GDC 2018. You can find it below.

While the big reveal today is undoubtedly centered around the ray tracing technology, NVIDIA had more to announce. An NVIDIA Highlights SDK is being released publicly and will be supported by Unreal Engine and Unity, for instance, while GeForce Experience will now allow users to save their Shadowplay Highlights in GIF format. You may find out more about this on the official website.

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