Warhorse Studios: “If Kingdom Come: Deliverance runs on Xbox One then PS4 will have no problems”


During Gamescom VG24/7.it talked with Design Lead for Warhorse Studios, Viktor Bohan, who shared a few details on the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Bohan explains that the demo was created for the Xbox One, but as soon as it runs fine on Microsoft's console the PlayStation 4 version will be more than fine, as it is a more powerful system.

"We first created the demo for Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 is a much more powerful machine, and if it runs on the Xbox One then the PS4 will do it."

Bohan continued to clarify that, compared to the PC version, the Xbox One version is having some memory issues:

"The game runs, but is a bit 'slow."

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person, open-world realistic RPG set in medieval Europe

A First-Person, Open World, Realistic RPG That Will Take You To The Medieval Europe In A Time Of Upheaval And Strife. A humble, young blacksmith loses everything to war. As he tries to fulfill the dying wish of his father, fate drags him into the thick of a conspiracy to save a kidnapped king and stop a bloody conflict. You will wander the world, fighting as a knight, lurking in the shadows as a rogue, or using the bard’s charm to persuade people to your cause. You will dive deep into a sweeping, epic, nonlinear story from Daniel Vávra, an award-winning designer from the Mafia series. Our unique, first-person combat system lets you wield sword or bow in both one-on-one skirmishes and large-scale battles. All of this – and more – brought to life beautifully with next-gen visuals delivered via CryEngine.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is scheduled for a Q2 release in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have been confirmed as well for a later date. We will bring you any new information on kingdom Come: Deliverance as soon as it becomes available.  The PC Alpha version is available with additional content for people backing Kingdom Come: Deliverance development on www.KingdomComeRPG.com.