Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Gets Karak Azgaraz DLC on December 15th


Swedish studio Fatshark announced that Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, the cooperative online action game set in the Warhammer universe, is about to get the Karak Azgaraz DLC on December 15th for PC (console release of the DLC will be announced shortly).

An Open Beta is currently ongoing and you can access it right here. The Karak Azgaraz DLC will cost $8.99, £5.99, 8,99€ and contain the following content and features:

The Skaven have invaded the Dwarfen fortress of Karak Azgaraz! Fight your way through 3 striking levels in this DLC for Vermintide, set among the snow covered peaks of the Grey Mountains. Battle the Skaven in the ancient halls of the Dwarfen Khazid Kro, made of cold stone and old technology. Explore the mountains in search of The Cursed Rune. Finally, make your way to the top of the mountain to light the first beacon and trigger the Chain of Fire.

When completing these desperate missions in Karak Azgaraz, you will have a chance to acquire two NEW rare weapons. The Dwarf Ranger is out for Skaven blood with his new Warpick, and the Witch Hunter is not far behind wielding his sharp Falchion.

The Skaven are plotting, and all that stands between them and their vile success is you and your friends. For the Dwarfs!


New Map: Khazid Kro - Journey through the outlying settlement of Kazid Kro in search of a Dwarfen engineer by the name of Halgrim

New Map: The Cursed Rune - Explore the snow covered Grey Mountains in search of a vault containing a special rune

New Map: Chain of Fire - Make your way to the top of the mountain to set the beacon ablaze and warn nearby settlements of the approaching Skaven army

New Weapon: Warpick - Give the Skaven a few new breathing holes with this handy Warpick for Bardin Goreksson, the Dwarf Ranger. This weapon can only drop on levels included in the Karak Azgaraz DLC

New Weapon: Falchion - Time to slice through the Skaven forces with this sharp edged Falchion for Victor Saltzpyre, the Witch Hunter. This weapon can only drop on levels included in the Karak Azgaraz DLC

3 New Achievements - How will you fare on this new adventure?

This DLC will be accompanied by Patch 1.5, which includes performance optimizations based on the tricks used on consoles. According to Fatshark, CPU-heavy systems should see the biggest improvements. Patch 1.5 also fixes lag spikes and reduces loading times.

In case you missed it, Fatshark also announced to be working on a VR version of Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide which everyone owning the PC game will get for free. If you're just learning of the game and want to know more, check out our review.