Warframe Revealed Upcoming Features and Content During “TennoLive” at PAX East

In a previous article we mentioned that the developers behind the The F2P Third-Person Space Ninja shooter Warframe - Digital Extremes (DE) had some big reveals planned for their Live-stream during PAX East. They had one major reveal which you can check out further down, and they also teased and outlined some of the coming new stuff for 2015.

Warframe Will Receive a New Faction called 'The Sentient' as well as an Improved Parkour system and other goodies

What we got to see at TennoLive was the long-awaited unveiling of the long-lost (and long-awaited by the players) enemy of the Tenno - The Sentient. They also showed off some of the new Parkour moves (in the trailer) which will be coming with Parkour 2.0 later this year. Finally we got a glimpse of the new Dragon-themed Warframe which is slated to come out quite soon with Update-16, which will also include a complete re-vamp of the PvP system and add more "End-game" content in the form of 8-man Raids with ridiculously high-level enemies and puzzles.

With the new Parkour system coming, Warframes will have new ways to navigate both new and familiar tricky areas with new stylish moves.  There will be a trio of new weapons to wield while doing so, including the Community Concept weapon, the Mios, the Puncture Glaive and the Dark Dakra, in honor of the two year-anniversary of Warframe. The reveal of the new enemy faction and quite possible the name of the next major update - Tombs of the Sentient can be seen below.

As for the parkour shown in the video, well that has been needed for quite some time, the old parkour system works, but it's not perfect. And stuff like holding onto walls as in the video is not possible with the current parkour system, I'm looking forward to it quite a lot.

And an excerpt from a press release reads:

All new features and content revealed will be released throughout the rest of 2015.  Fans tuning into the bi-weekly Warframe Devstreams will continue to be the first to hear additional details and launch dates for this new content.  The next regularly scheduled Devstream airs on twitch.tv/Warframe at 2:00 p.m. EDT, March 20 th.

So I guess we might hear some time-frames soon, but DE are known for sometimes having to delay updates, either due to fixing issues or just deciding that "hey we should add this content as well". I'm pumped either way. If you wish to watch the entire TennoLive stream from PAX East, you can do so below.

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