War Thunder Getting British Tanks and Ground Vehicles

War Thunder has slowly grown to be a very compelling MMO war simulator. There is a wide swathe of different vehicles you can control, all realistically rendered and modeled. Up until now, however, a key piece of history has been missing; British ground vehicles.

War Thunder
War Thunder
War Thunder
War Thunder
War Thunder
War Thunder

Tanks of noble heritage are coming soon to War Thunder

War Thunder is about vehicular combat, taking expertly and artfully crafted ground vehicles and airplanes from the WWII era and pitting them against each other in large scale combat. Gaijin Entertainment is finally lifting the veil off of the three finished tanks they have that will be available soon.

The British had some very innovative and effective designs during WWII. Specifically their early designs realized the importance of being highly mobile against a playing field of very powerful opponents. There will be three fantastic British tanks playable in War Thunder, ranging from light to quite advanced medium tanks, letting you destroy the enemy whilst drinking your tea.

  • A34 Comet - Light tank
  • Churchill Mk.III - 'Infantry' tank
  • Centurion Mk.3 - Medium tank

Gaijin Entertainment very much takes great care in trying to bring realistic looking vehicles into their games. This looks to be continuing that tradition as they've done quite a bit of research to get every little detail right in this. War Thunder continues to be a great arcade war simulator MMO. It has the potential to provide hours of action oriented fun with it's millions of players. Battles can end up being absolutely massive at times.

These new tanks will be available soon for PS4, PC and of course on the Mac.

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