War Mongrels Is a New WWII Real-Time Tactics Game from Destructive Creations


Destructive Creations, the Polish studio behind Ancestors Legacy, announced a new real-time tactics game titled War Mongrels.

Marcin Stanek, Business Development Manager at Destructive Creations, stated:

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Many games take place in World War II, but there’s hardly ever a spotlight on the Eastern Front. My grandfather told us tales of soldiers filled with regret, and we feel it is our duty to share those stories with War Mongrels.

War Mongrels is due to release for PC (Steam), current-gen and next-gen consoles at some point in 2021. The official gameplay debut will take place at Realms Deep, the digital event organized by 3D Realms for September 5th and 6th. Meanwhile, read on for the first description of the game and its debut screenshots/trailer.

When two young European men swept into the German war machine disobey reprehensible direct orders, they desert and find purpose as guerilla fighters in the bloodiest war of all time.

Based on real experiences, War Mongrels explores the lives of the soldiers who fell victim to
Nazi propaganda or even opposed the war from the beginning, then realized the truth and set out to right the wrongs they were forced to commit.

Skulk through deadly battlefields including villages, cities, minefields, cemeteries, concentration camps, and much more. Control a crew of four where each character’s background provides special abilities. Encounter former teachers, freemasons and nurses willing to fight for what’s right, then equip them with WWII-era weapons. Survive and learn the tale of these German, Polish, and Lithuanian soldiers as they escape the Eastern Front then become guerilla fighters.

Exploit the local environment for stealthy kills, sneak past guards by disappearing into bushes and hiding just out of sight, or mount a full-frontal assault for a bullet-riddled way forward.

Scavenge fallen enemies for equipment or skirt the engagement zone to search for usable
weaponry and supplies. Each expansive level offers a sandbox of possibilities with high replay value: try different routes, employ lethal or non-lethal tactics, or even play with a friend in co-op.

War is hell, and War Mongrels delivers the duality of the atrocities and heroic camaraderie
found within with unprecedented audio and visual fidelity for the real-time tactics genre.

Based on true stories, all events, dates, locations, weapons, uniforms, in-game articles, and more will be crafted with care and an eye for historical accuracy.