Walmart Offers Gift Card Exchange Option for Your ‘Extra Gift Cards’

Everyone probably has received one gift card in their lifetime that they don’t plan on using, has possibly lost one or at least thinks that the card in their wallet is taking up too much space. Walmart has found just the solution for them; now exchange your unwanted card for a Walmart eGift card.

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The Walmart website promoting the new eGift card offer

Receive a Walmart eGift card almost instantly

 Cardcash ‘the largest online gift card exchange’ partnering with the retail giant Walmart have launched a new website that allows you to exchange gift cards that you don’t require, the catch here is that you can get up to 97% of the full value of exchanged cards (that usually means you will get less for most brands), with other card exchanging companies offering somewhat less exchange on the face value this could be a better substitute. This new service was launched only as a test at Christmas this year and if it turns out to be a success it will become a permanent one.

Walmart spokesman Ravi Jariwala told The Associated Press that if this test program is successful, the program could become part permanent.

"We recognized that this was an opportunity," Jariwala said. "A large number don't get redeemed. We figured this was a good way to get gift cards in the hands of more customers."

According to Walmart’s website with this service you can exchange gift cards from more than 200 retailers and restaurants. Furthermore the Walmart eGift card that you will receive will be mailed to you, it won’t have an expiration date and can be used in store and online. The site seems to target Amazon mainly as those cards give 95% of the face value, while others like Best Buy give 92% Staples gives 90% and Gap cards give 85% of their face value. These rates are determined by market prices which are affected by several factors. Cardcash claimed that Walmart gift cards are one of the most sought after items on the site.


The Cardcash website is promoting the new offer with a promotion banner on its front page 

How it works


The details of how it works on the website 

According to a consultancy ‘CEB Towergroup’ gift cards up to $1billion of worth will go unused this year because people may lost them or won’t be able to figure out what should be bought with them, so if you’re looking to shop at Walmart exchange your unused gift cards now.

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