How to View Snapchat’s ‘Snap Map’ on the Web – No Snapchat App or Account Required


Here's how you can check snaps posted around you using the Snap Map on the Web using Safari, Chrome or any other browser.

The Snap Map Lives on the Web too - You Can Access it Without a Snapchat Account

If you've been using Snapchat for a long time, then you already know how the Snap Map works. You pinch to zoom out from the viewfinder and a map pops up, showing you all the Stories that are publicly being posted around you. It's a fun little way to discover what's happening in your vicinity or the world over, if you're into that sort of thing.

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The cool thing is, and probably a lot of you don't know about this, is that you can actually view the Snap Map on the Web. And in order to do so, you are not required to have a Snapchat account or an app or anything. Just launch your Web browser of choice right now and type in the following address:

Snap Map

Once here, you'll see everything that is being posted around you publicly shown as a heat map. Just click the blue (till red/black) areas and a snap will load up in a few seconds - blue represents very low activity whereas black represents high. You even have the option to search for anything on the Snap Map too. Just click on the search bar on the top left hand corner and do a search of a city or a place. You can actually embed the snap anywhere else if you like. Also, you can copy the link for it and share it with anyone you like. Play around with it for a while and you'll actually end up finding something interesting.

Given how cool this feature is, requiring no account or anything at all, it's sad to see the direction in which Snapchat is currently going. There's absolutely nothing wrong with how we post stuff but the problem arrises when you want to discover something or a content creator using the service. Though Snap has been working on this end for a while now, but it seems as though the company has a long way to go in order to appease users on a lot of ends, discovery included.

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