View More Sound Options In OS X Menu Bar – Mac Tip


Here's how you can view more sound options in the Mac menu bar on OS X quickly and easily.

Mac Speaker

OS X is a powerful platform when compared to the likes of Windows et al. While there are some things in Apple's desktop platform that leave us with our heads scratching, but overall, it's a great place to get things done.

Speaking of head scratching, there are certain decisions Apple took in the background which in turn led to certain features being hidden away from view, and one of those is the ability to view extra sound options in the Mac menu bar, allowing users to quickly switch between a sound source or an input device. In today's guide we'll show you how to go about that business in a few simple steps, so hop right in!

OS X Has Extra Sound Options Which You Can View In The Mac Menu Bar, Here's How To Access It

1. Locate the sound icon in the Mac menu bar. It looks like a little speaker facing towards the right.

2. Hold down the 'Option' key on your Mac's keyboard and then click on the speaker icon.

3. You'll now notice that instead of the volume control, OS X is now displaying 'Output Device' and 'Input Device' options, listing down the sources which you can utilize for audio.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.43.47 PM

If you have a lot of AirPlay enabled devices at home, then this little tip is extremely handy to know about. Secondly, if you've set up a home studio and happen to have a lot of input sources, then again, this tip will go a long way in helping you out in a lot of ways.

Also keep in mind that this tip won't be handy at all if you don't have AirPlay enabled devices at home, and use your Mac as a barebones device for audio without any external sources other than the internal set of speakers and microphone.

Apart from the speaker options, you also get a quick shortcut to view 'Sound Preferences' from the new menu, which is extremely handy if you love to tweak the sound of your Mac from time to time.

We really wish this feature wasn't hidden away from view and Apple had advertised it more openly so that people would reach it without much fuss. Still, now you know it's there, and we're sure you'll find creative ways to use it in the future.