Video Games of April 2012


2012 is packed full of fantastic video games but sometimes great games are overlooked or missed due to another title coming out close to it's release date, we take a look at video games coming in April 2012 so that you know which games to keep a sharp eye out for the year 2012. We start off with the month of April where we see many multiplatform games make their way to various consoles and PC. Find out which games you should be watching out for by reading ahead.

Blades of Time


Blades of time developed by, Gaijin published by Konami was released on march 6th of this year, a hack and slash action adventure third person genre turned out better than expected; fun combat , fairly designed levels, puzzles and coolest of all the time shifting blades, Gaijin Entertainment has been sticking to console’s for quite a while, now is the time to play the card’s right, developers finally decided to go multi platform by releasing the fourth title “Blades of time” on PC  in April, giving the game another chance to come up with better execution, controls and more stability to the engine, lets see if this move might turns out to be a wise decision or just another marketing gimmick to expand the life cycle of their title.

Release date: April 18, 2012

Platform: Windows, Mac

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Enhanced Edition

Sequel to the famous “the Witcher” released back in the 2007 opening up a whole new world of possibilities for PC gamers, “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” was released last year on may 17th and Gamer’s rejoiced again, One of the best developers CD Project Red, Atari, Namco Bandai collaborated to make something ravishing and GOTY material, franchise is going multiplatform releasing their title to Microsoft XBOX 360 in April, The game is already tweaked and enhanced as well as the title featuring better graphics, Upgraded interface designed for XBOX 360, new introduction, cinematic and extra 4 hour game play and lot of other goodies which I believe needs a proper introduction.

Release date: April 17th 2012 (INT

Platform: XBOX 360

Shoot Many Robots


Recently released Ubisoft’s robot’s crushing indie game for XBOX live arcade and SONY PSN  is coming to PC via steam, as the title say’s “shoot many robots” indeed you shoot many robots whether its co-op or multiplayer, Big guns evil robots and lot of ammo what more do we need, Game had an excellent impression on consoles but Steam took the charge and brought the action packed fun to PC, a pre purchase will feature Steam’s some of the best character’s including their very own crowbar bad boy Mr. Gordon Freeman as a playable character, game will be introduced in higher resolution textures with a smooth 60ps game play.

Release Date: April 6 2010

Platform: Windows

 Devil May Cry HD Collection

Relive the glory days of everyone's favorite demon slayer; Dante made his debut on the.PlayStation 2 and kept a lasting impression until Devil May Cry 3. The HD collection contains all 3 original games with the first game being the best of them, while the other two were great too the first one is definitely the best in the series yet. If you owned a PlayStation 2 and missed out on this amazing hack and slash adventure game then now is your chance to experience those great times on the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360. Complete with HD Graphics and trophy / achievement support this is definitely one HD collection you don't want to miss out on especially if you are a fan of hack and slash games.

Platforms : XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3

Release date : March 29th for North America and April 3rd for Europe.

I am Alive


After making its debut on the XBOX 360 a few months earlier the game is now headed for the PSN. The story follows a father who is on a search for his family following a disaster that has shaken his city and made it into a primeval world where the law of the jungle prevails.

The protagonist has to go through various locations to find clues that will lead him to his family and you even have a choice of helping or abandoning other survivors in need, this on turn will help decide what ending your playthrough will earn you. The great thing about this game is the scarcity of weapons, your only weapons are a pistol and later on a bow and an arrow the pistol will always have either 1 bullet or none at all and you will have to bluff your way through hostile groups if the latter happens.

The bow and arrow allows for a more stealth approach to combating other scavengers and unlike bullets you will be able to retrieve your arrow from where or whom you shot it at but you must use them wisely as you will only have 1 arrow at a time too. 

Platform : PSN (PlayStation Store)

Release Date : April 3rd for North America and April 4th for Europe.

House of the Dead 4


House of the dead has been a famous arcade rail shooter, even though the story and voice acting are simply atrocious the games are always fun to play with a friend or a sibling for the pure adrenaline action of shooting and reloading past hordes of enemies and bosses and ultimately the final boss, while House of the Dead 4 was an arcade exclusive and never saw the light of day on any console or the PC the game is making its way to the PSN with Move support (light guns and sharpshooter support too) Trophies and HD graphics this is one game which no fan of rail shooters should miss out on even though the game isn't exactly story driven it still is a great game for playing with friends and think of all the quarters you save when you buy this for a one time price and enjoy unlimited playtime.

Platform : PSN (PlayStation Store)

Release Date : April 17th for North America and April 18th for Europe

Prototype 2


The second game follows the events of the first game and throws us into the mutates shoes of James Heller who wants to strike down Alex Mercer; the protagonist of the first game as he blames Mercer for the Blacklight virus and he wants to avenge the death of his family by killing him. The game is going to be like the first one but we can expect Heller to have more powers than Alex but obviously not more powerful than him until the conclusion of the game. If you were a fan of the first game and are a fan of third person open world action adventure games this is definitely one for you to pre order.

Platforms : PlayStation 3 , XBOX 360 and PC

Release Date : April 24th for North America and April 27th for Europe.


If you are a fan of 2D / 3D platformers such as Super Paper Mario then this game is definitely for you, after being announced at 2007 and then having its release date pushed from 2010 to April 2012 the game is definitely one fans will be glad to play after a long wait, since it is an Indie game it will only be available via the XBOX Live Marketplace and will possibly head to steam or PSN in the future.

Platforms : XBOX Marketplace

Release Date : April 13th

Tribes Ascend


The tribes franchise was one of PC gamings greatest first person shooters and now the game is making a come back as a free to play multiplayer shooter exclusively for the PC at the moment and a PS3 / XBOX 360 version could still be in the cards, the game is available for open Beta at the moment and it launches globally for free to download and play later this month.


If you are a fan of the series then this game will definitely make you fall in love with the series all over again and even new comers who are looking for a new free to play FPS shooter aside from Battlefield: Play for Free can look forward to this game.

Platform : PC

Release Date : April 12th

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