Video Demo Shows Dual Camera Interface For Apple’s iPhone – iPhone 7 Could Sport Such A Feature

Omar Sohail

We have heard since a long time that Apple’s upcoming iPhone, iPhone 7 will be sporting a dual camera setup. Well, the latest video demo brings us one step closer to all those reports, and it shows that the California based tech giant might actually be serious to welcome such a feature on its upcoming flagship smartphone lineup.

iPhone 7

Take A Look At The Dual Camera Interface Demo On iPhone 7

Apple had recently submitted a patent application that was published in January, and the patent details indicate that tech firm could be incorporating a dual-camera setup in the upcoming iPhone. In fact, it is possible that this setup will be branched out to all devices running the company’s mobile operating system, including iPads. Additional patent details suggest that a dual-camera system will have one standard wide-angle lens which is similar to what we see in current generation iPhones, while the second will be a telephoto lens capable of capturing zoomed-in video and photos.

Apple intends on making the interface as effortless to use as possible because both lenses can be used simultaneously to take separate photos or videos, with Apple's software able to merge the images together in unique ways. Both images can be displayed on the same screen in the Camera app through a split-screen view that shows a standard wide-angle image on one side and the zoomed image on the other side.


When engaged in capturing a video or a photo, users will be able to view the transition between both lenses seamlessly, tapping on a spot in the photo to zoom in with a second lens. Afterwards Apple's cleverly designed system would work similarly to digital zoom does today. There will be one advantage to using this particular software; since users will be busy using a lens with a longer focal length instead of zooming in through software, it will result in no loss of detail when you zoom into the image.

We are not certain about the total megapixel count of the upcoming iPhone, so we will stick to our gut and believe that the sensor will retain the same number of megapixels (12.3MP) as the current generation iPhones, but will add more features courtesy of the updated software from Apple. Unfortunately, details are hazy at best, and we are confident that more information will be made available to us as soon as we move closer and closer to Apple’s upcoming event, which is going to take place during the month of September.


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