Victor Vran Cauldron of Chaos DLC Out Now on Steam, Test Your Mettle


If you were ever unsure of your ability to systematically destroy monsters in Victor Vran, the newest free DLC might help to give you confidence in your skills.

Random monster-filled dungeons will test even the most seasoned of veterans in Victor Vran update.

Haeminont Games is bringing something big to the world of Victor Vran, something that'll add quite a bit of increased replayability to it. While it's incredibly satisfying to get sweet combo kills during the myriad of missions, it eventually comes to a logical conclusion. Now you can hone your Demon Powers and challenge yourself in the Cauldron of Chaos.

Every day the game will generate a new Cauldron of Chaos starting with several increasingly difficult encounters and culminating with a very intense and difficult boss fight. There will be a total of five randomized daily challenges to challenge you and your demon hunting skills.

In addition to the ability to the new procedural area, you'll find new character emotes for Victor and a new currency system with Demon Souls that can be traded for legendary items, other emotes and even more by visiting GebaN the Broker at the end of the new area.

The Cauldron of Chaos free DLC has been released on Steam today and will be included in the GOG.com DRM-free version of the game shortly.