Use Your Veins To Log In To Windows 10 – PalmSecure By Fujitsu Is Virtually Impossible To Fool


I am pretty sure that everyone hates remembering password for all your different social media accounts, work related accounts etc. Over time hackers have come up with ways to access things that have ‘apparent’ secure passwords. Same is the case with all other security checks like finger prints, facial scanners etc. Security researchers have successfully defeated these alternatives as well. So what do we do now? What is the solution to all such security related concerns? PalmSecure by Fujitsu is the solution.

Workings Of PalmSecure

The company has put forward a new biometric scanner that is virtually impossible to fool. Why? Well, the answer is very interesting. This scanner does not scan anything that is visible to the naked eye. It looks right through our skin and analyzes our veins of our hand.

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The veins in our palms have unique patterns similar to what we see in the case of finger prints. But the thing about veins is that you won’t leave behind a print just by holding a glass or a doorknob. Even if someone takes a picture of your hand, it won’t work. If you thought of ways to replicate the pattern, like I just imagined someone creating a scanner that could scan these veins from a distance and storing this information; then let me tell you there is one more hurdle. According to Fujitsu "the sensor of the palm vein device can only recognize the pattern if the deoxidized hemoglobin is actively flowing within the individual's veins." Well, no blood flow, no matching. Well done PalmSecure.

Is it worth it?

This scanner is being using by many businesses and the best thing is that you can use it to log on to your computer as well. PalmSecure is now supported by Windows 10 and this just made our lives more interesting. With this scanner just enroll your palm vein pattern with Windows Hello similar to what you do for finger prints or facial recognition and you are good to go.

These scanners aren't  cheap and they cost about $350! But if you are willing to pay this price for the sake of security then price doesn’t matter really. It is convenient, it is secure; so what more do you need?

News Source: You Can Log In To Windows 10 With Your Veins