Vega Joins Street Fighter V Roster, Shows Claws In Reveal Trailer

Capcom just revealed another legendary character for its upcoming fighting game. After announcing Ken during SDCC 2015, this time it's all about Vega, the Spanish masked warrior who first appeared in Street Fighter II (1991). He will join the Street Fighter V roster while boasting several gameplay improvements, such as the ability to sheathe his claw in exchange for new moves; however, he won't be able to pick up the weapon once knocked off by the enemy, which is something players should be careful about.

A couple of V-Skills were detailed by Capcom on their official blog.

The first one, called Matador Turn, will have Vega swiftly dodging the opponent’s incoming attack and then choosing whether to launch a quick counterattack that knocks them down or not.

The second one is Bloody Kiss, where Vega throws a rose at high velocity towards the opponent. If it hits, he charges behind it and delivers a series of brutal slashes that devastate the enemy. The move can be done as an anti-air from crouch or as an air attack when jumping forward, making it an extremely versatile projectile attack, as well as a combo extender.

The character will be available in the larger Street Fighter V roster for those attending Gamescom 2015, which opens to the public on Thursday 6 August.

Check out Vega's reveal trailer below and let us know how excited you are about Vega's return; as a reminder, Street Fighter V is scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 and PC in Spring 2016, with players of both platforms expected to compete against each other via the increasingly popular cross-play feature.

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