Valve “surprise” IS NOT Half Life 2 episode 3

A huge blow for Half Life fans struck when it was discovered that Valve had a surprise ready for us at this years E3 when they canceled the big promotion show for Portal 2, fans every where roared "ITS EPISODE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!" including me, but sadly Gabe Newell Valve CEO put all those speculations six feet under by saying the surprise ISN'T Half Life 2 Episode 3.

I am hugely disappointed at Valve Half-Life series is the biggest if not the most popular FPS series out there, Half Life 2 alone has won many awards and yet Valve REFUSES time and time again to provide us with a proper ending to the game following the events of Episode 2. Valve is probably going to "surprise" us with Left 4 Dead 3 where we will have control of orbital ion cannons and lancers from Gears of War to help us fight the zombie army on Pluto.

It's a shame to see a company lose their standards I used to respect Valve for making such spectacular games but they refuse to end one series and are instead expanding other series, this is a great injustice to gamers everywhere Valve is right now milking the Left 4 Dead Franchise as their prized cash cow and I am 80% certain the "surprise" will definitely be Left 4 Dead 3. Oh well I just hope Valve comes around and makes Episode 3 sometime before 2020.

I must say Valve is really losing their roots by neglecting the Half Life series, and are instead focusing on how to rip customers off by releasing a new Left 4 Dead game every year.


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