Gran Turismo 5 comes with Optional 10GB HDD Installation feature, Will make it run better.

Hassan Mujtaba

Gran Turismo 5 when released will have a massive 10GB installation size which is the biggest HDD installation size there ever was for the PlayStation3. The large installation size is obvious as the game includes  1,000 cars and 80 tracks and is suggested by Kazunori Yamauchi from Polyphony Digital that the game to be installed on the PlayStation 3 for a better and smoother gameplay experience.

Although if you don't want a bit smoother experience from the game, You can play it but still an installation size of 256Mb is required to be free on your PlayStation 3.

The release date of the game was announced back at E3 2010 with which a collector editon was also announced of the game, The game will feature one of the most realistic Simulation Racing Driving Experience with a massive 1000 cars to select from on 80 of the most beautiful tracks ever. The game is set for release on November 2nd.

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