Valve Removes Almost 200 ‘Fake Games’ from Steam

So far this year, Valve has repeatedly voiced its interest in improving the user experience on Steam by implementing measures that will end "fake games", a term it uses to describe poor quality titles that exist only to take advantage of the system of easy trading cards and of the unwary consumers. Now, the company has removed almost 200 such titles from its store.

So, starting from today players will not be able to find the catalog of companies like Zonitron and Silicon Echo Studios. Among the 173 games removed from the platform, there are names like Grim Banana, Clickey, and SHAPES. If you do not recognize any of these names, you should know that these were games made quickly with generic materials from game engines like Unity.

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As we informed you earlier, these types of games were used to be sold at low cost or in packages, and their only goal was to deliver several trading cards in a simple way. With this in mind, its creators abused the system by creating bots that obtained and sold trading cards without any effort.

This caused the Steam algorithm to think that there were a lot of players interested in these "fake games", a fact that diminishes the visibility of projects made with the objective to divert.

It is important to reiterate that this is not the only measure that Valve has taken to end this problem. Since April of this year, the company has worked on changes for the trading cards; a new system that replaced Steam Greenlight; as well as a new system of recommendations. In addition, it now reserves the right to restrict Steam passwords to the developers.

Also, Steam has recently added histograms to help customers make sense of Review Bombing. What do you think of these measures? Do you think that these steps were necessary to ensure that Steam remains a good service for the players? Tell us in the comments below.

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