Valve Index Expands Countries: Now Available in Canada and Japan

So today saw the official reveal of Half-Life: Alyx, but Valve isn't done making announcements. Not quite on the same level as that of an actual brand-new Half-Life game, though it is linked in a sense. Valve Index, the company's own VR hardware was released in the US and Europe earlier this year - it's now available to buy in both Canada and Japan.

As for what Valve have said on the matter, here it is:

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Valve Index, a collection of leading edge VR hardware released in the US and Europe earlier this year, is now available in Canada and Japan.

Compatible with all Steam VR games, the Valve Index hardware includes the Index HMD, Controller, and the 2.0 Base Stations. To enable a variety of options for those looking to upgrade their VR experience, all the items are offered individually as well as in various combinations.

Of course, as we covered earlier, anybody that owns or purchases any form of Valve Index above that of just the base station, this being either the Index Kit, the Index Headset/Controllers kit, the Index Headset on its own or even just the Index Controllers on their own will all be given Half-Life: Alyx for free. Those who purchase any of the four options before the end of the year will, as we covered earlier, also gain a few extra bonuses:

  • Explore environments from Half-Life: Alyx in your SteamVR Home space
  • Alternate gun skins to embellish Alyx's arsenal
  • Special Half-Life: Alyx-themed content for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2

For those in Canada and Japan and were interested in purchasing Valve Index directly, now's your opportunity. Even more fortuitous considering the recent reveal of Half-Life: Alyx and of course any other Steam VR titles you may be interested in could be finding themselves on sale around Christmas. As always, it does seem likely that winter sales are coming.

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