Valentine’s Day Accessories Collection for Apple & Samsung Products Goes Live 


The most popular smartphone case maker is back with some amazing designs for Valentine's Day. Casetify has put up a varied range of cases for smartphones, AirPods, and watches this February. The company is also offering an 18% discount when you buy 2 products (they don't have to be Valentine's-themed).

"For new crushes, long-time boos, best girlfriends, or even your lovely self - we have the perfect Valentine's gift," the company writes, hinting that us singles also deserve to get ourselves some nice new looks for our products.

You can go with the custom cases, getting your (or your SO's) name on it for free, or something with a message or a tagline. Some examples include:

All of the above cases are available for iPhone (4S and newer) and Samsung Galaxy devices (S9 and newer). You can also make it your own by choosing different colors; you can also choose between Impact, Ultra Impact, Glitter, and Neon Sand depending on the protection level and lightness that you want.

Valentine's Day special Casetify accessories for AirPod and Apple Watch

Check out the complete Valentine's Day collection and don't forget that you get free shipping (not only inside the US but elsewhere too for orders over $34.99) and a nice little 18% discount. Casetify also donates one mask when you buy their Reusable Cloth Mask (also included in the 18% off and available in 4 colors). You can add 10 filters for an additional $10 with the mask.

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