Latest Windows 10 Preview Brought in a New Wave of Driver and Installation Troubles

Rafia Shaikh
Fix Windows 10 Installation Issues

Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14385 over the weekend, continuing its latest streak of beta releases ahead of the launch. Windows 10 Anniversary Update is slated to launch on August 2, and Insiders have reported an improved and stable experience on the last few builds. However, we are still looking at a number of issues that the latest has brought in, including some Windows 10 driver problems.

Along with the regular improvements and bug fixes, weekend's release apparently introduced new problems to the OS. Among several other problems, users reported facing various installation issues on the latest Preview build. In the community forum, a Windows 10 Insider said that he is receiving "You cannot install Windows 10 with USB Flash Drive using Setup," whenever he tries to install the Insider build. The issue has been coming up since the release of build 14367 on June 18, and is yet to be fixed.

Windows 10 driver issues back in focus after the latest beta release

Managed to install the latest build? Well, after a successful installation, some Insiders had to deal with issues with graphic cards, with crashing reports coming for both AMD and Intel GPUs.

Since I installed 14385, windows has installed my integrated graphics card 12 times. I have ran the troubleshooter on Windows update and this has not fixed it.

Users have reported Windows 10 driver issues on different devices. Along with Intel, users also reported encountering AMD Raedon video driver crashing issues on the latest beta.

I've never had this problem before installing 14385 (64 bit) last night, but I got a driver crash causing me to have to reboot today.  Upon looking at Device Manager, I see a strange looking yellow mark on the entry for my AMD Radeon HD 4200 video driver.

Microsoft support has recommended to run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter to check for possible problems. But, there is no further information as to what is causing these driver issues.

Apart from these, there are several reports of error 0x80240fff, error 0x8020000f, inability to access the Settings app, brightness issues on Lumia devices, memory problems, and others. Microsoft claimed to fix over a few hundred bugs in the latest Windows 10 14385 build. As we get close to the release of the Anniversary Update, the company isn't left with much time to iron out all the small - and some significant - problems, because no one would like to install a long-promised, and a major OS update to create new issues.

Are you facing any new issues after the installation of Windows 10 14385? Don't forget to let us know.

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