Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Arrive on August 2 – Leak

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July 29, what July 29. If you have been waiting for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you might have to wait a couple of days longer than previously assumed. Microsoft was expected to release Windows 10's first major update on July 29, on the day of its anniversary. Now, the company has itself leaked inadvertently that the first big update is arriving on August 2nd.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update releases on August 2

Microsoft published a blog post earlier today (thanks, Aernout) that only had a headline, "Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2." The story was pulled back a few moments later, but internet... Someone at the company was possibly drafting an announcement post to go live before the release, and pressed the publish button - eek, a writer's worst nightmare. But, this hasty hit of the publish button also indicates that this date might not be accurate as someone could have typed in the wrong date, just for the drafting purposes.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update was first announced in March at this year's Build conference. The update is currently being tested by the members of Windows Insider program, who are being sent new preview builds every week. The update promises to bring a large suite of new features, improvements, and more importantly, stability to the operating system. Windows Ink, Cortana support, improved Start menu, dark mode, biometric authentication, new UI refreshments and icons, improved Action Center, and more are going to be part of this Anniversary Update.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date

Windows 10 is currently powering over 300 million machines, worldwide. Microsoft has faced some severe backlash over aggressively pushing its new desktop operating system. However, the company did say that it is going to introduce a better Windows 10 upgrade notification system, with clear choices to decline the upgrade offer.

The Windows 10 Anniversary update was expected to arrive on July 29, but it appears that the company has decided to push the release date a few days forward. The Anniversary Update will be free to everyone who is using Windows 10. People have until July 29 (might be extended to Aug 2 as well?) to upgrade their Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 machines to Windows 10 to enjoy this free Anniversary Update. Once the update arrives, users are expected to pay $119 for a full installation.

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